Virtual Congress Login

In due time a special link will be provided on the website that will provide you with access to the virtual meeting. On this link you can also check if you are registered correctly.

You’ll need to login with your MyEAU account. At the login screen a new password or username can be requested.

Accreditation points and Certificates can only be claimed when viewing the live sessions on the virtual event platform, or via the On Demand page of the virtual event platform within 24h after a session took place.

Industry sessions and sponsored sessions are not accredited with CME points.


Q: How can I view the virtual event?
A: You can view the virtual event via a special platform. You can access the platform with your MyEAU credentials.

Q: If I cannot view the presentations live, can they be viewed afterwards? And for how long are the presentations accessible?
A: Presentations can be viewed from the On Demand page within the virtual event platform within 24 hours after presentation. After this the presentations will be available for at least 1 year on UROsource. (Note: CME accreditation is only valid for content viewed within 24 hrs of presentation on the virtual meeting platform, not from UROsource.)

Q: Will the content be translated?
A: No translation will be provided. The event sessions will be conducted in English.

Q: I live in a different time zone, how do I know at what time the sessions start?
A: All times mentioned in the scientific programme are based on the Central European Time (CET).

Q: Will I receive CME credits?
A: You will receive CME credits by viewing the live presentations in the virtual event platform, or within 24hrs of presentation from the On Demand page within the virtual event platform. You will not receive CME credits nor a certificate when viewing the content in the UROsource.

Q: I forgot my password.
A: You can request a new password here.

Q: I don’t know my user name.
A: A mailing will be sent to all registered participants a few days before the start of the meeting including your username. Your username can also be requested here.

Q: Will I receive a Certificate of Attendance?
A: If you have viewed the presentations in the virtual congress platform (within 24hrs of presentation) you will be able to download the Certificate of Attendance via the MyEAU portal from 03 February.

Q: Can I join the virtual congress via the event app?
A: In the event app a link will be provided to the virtual congress platform. However we recommend viewing the virtual congress on a desktop or laptop.

Go directly to:

Resource Centre

Technical recommendations

A computer/laptop, headset/headphones and a wired internet connection with a 5Mbit upstream is recommended.

Internet browser: We recommend Google Chrome or Firefox (most recent version).

Processor: There are no restrictions on processing power, if you can access this website you’ll be able to access the virtual congress platform.

Bandwidth: There are no restrictions to access the platform. However, it would be advised to have a 5Mbit upstream.

Firewalls: By default no content needs to be accessible via a firewall or VPN. However, we cannot control the default restrictions set by your internet provider or state.